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Revenue Management

Woven Measure has unique capabilities and Revenue Management domain expertise in both Hospitality and Transportation. Talk to us about our solutions that drive Sales optimization through dynamic pricing.

Goal Setting

Woven Measure has a suite of solutions designed to improve sales generation and optimize your sales teams for increasing performance year over year. We can rapidly integrate your data and automate complex business processes with our core goal-setting platform. Let us show you how to drive sales growth for your organization and achieve the results you are looking for using our advanced performance management solutions.

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wovenmeasere-we result count

Customer / Property Management Solutions

We have a unique set of solutions to assist with your Customer and Property management needs. Whether you are looking for an online PMS or a customizable CRM solution, Woven Measure has both customizable platforms and accelerators to meet your specific needs.

IOT Solutions (Hospitality, Transportation, Automotive)

Woven Measure provides solutions to connect your external devices to your internal systems and allow better visibility into your customer(s) decisions, movements and management. Talk to us about how we can build custom solutions to leverage the advancement of IOT into your organization.

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wovenmeasere-we result count

Woven Measure – ITConnect (Data Integration solution)

We have developed a unique set of tools to access, harmonize and deliver your data across many disparate systems. Let Woven Measure show you how we can build personalized and role-based data portals for your organization.

Data Visualization and Analytics

Woven Measure has cloud-based Data Visualization and Analytics solution(s) for you to customize specific visualizations allowing your customers to gain critical insight into there organization. Contact us to see how our Data Visualization and Analytic Solutions can benefit you.

wovenmeasere-we result count
wovenmeasere-we result count

Audit and Customer Satisfaction Solutions

Woven Measure has developed a customizable SAAS solution to allow for the analysis, examination, and verification of your assest across your organization. Whether auditing your specific locations, IT assets, company resources, or organizational satisfaction our solution allows for you to distribute, collect, and analyze all elements within the organization.